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Goody Bags

Our off the shelf or bespoke Goodie Bags can be tailored to meet your theme and price point.

Simply choose one of our products below, or get in touch and let us know if you'd like to swap items around, add or remove something, or if you had a specific item in mind, we're here to help. Ours always look great, create maximum impact both visually and with their contents, are easy to brand, and we offer a really quick turn around time too.
Drinks & Nibbles Conference Quirky & Innovative
Pamper & Spa
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'A Little Something!' Ref 022

'A Little Something!' Ref 022         [click for more information]
'Conference Refresh' (ref 048)

'Conference Refresh' (ref 048)         [click for more information]
'First Class' (Ref 057)

'First Class' (Ref 057)         [click for more information]
'Great Ideas!' Conference Goody Bag

'Great Ideas!' Conference Goody Bag         [click for more information]
'Hangover Mini Bag' (Ref 051)

'Hangover Mini Bag' (Ref 051)         [click for more information]
'Morning After' Goody Bag Ref 025

'Morning After' Goody Bag Ref 025         [click for more information]
'Night At The Cinema'

'Night At The Cinema'         [click for more information]
'Party Time' Goody Bag Ref 076

'Party Time' Goody Bag Ref 076         [click for more information]
A Christmas Treat

A Christmas Treat         [click for more information]
A Little Bag of Wine & Chocs

A Little Bag of Wine & Chocs         [click for more information]
A Little Sparkle

A Little Sparkle         [click for more information]
Adventure Pamper Gift Set

Adventure Pamper Gift Set         [click for more information]
Bag of Beer (ref 37)

Bag of Beer (ref 37)         [click for more information]
Big Bag of Chocolate Treats

Big Bag of Chocolate Treats         [click for more information]
Bit of Bubbly

Bit of Bubbly         [click for more information]
Breakfast Meeting!

Breakfast Meeting!         [click for more information]
British Tradition!

British Tradition!         [click for more information]
Cakes & Sweets Bag

Cakes & Sweets Bag         [click for more information]
Candle & Chocolates Set

Candle & Chocolates Set         [click for more information]
Casino Royale

Casino Royale         [click for more information]
Choc Tails

Choc Tails         [click for more information]
Christmas Beer!

Christmas Beer!         [click for more information]
City Goody Bag

City Goody Bag         [click for more information]
Conference Reviver

Conference Reviver         [click for more information]
Conference, Party & Recover! (Ref: 36)

Conference, Party & Recover! (Ref: 36)         [click for more information]
De-Stress Mini Goody Bag

De-Stress Mini Goody Bag         [click for more information]
Desk Top Goody Bag Ref 027

Desk Top Goody Bag Ref 027         [click for more information]
Drum Roll (ref 46)

Drum Roll (ref 46)         [click for more information]
English Tradition Goody Bag

English Tradition Goody Bag         [click for more information]
Essential Goody Bag Ref 024

Essential Goody Bag Ref 024         [click for more information]
Event Refresh

Event Refresh         [click for more information]
Fun & Refresh (ref 069)

Fun & Refresh (ref 069)         [click for more information]
Games & Puzzles Goody Bag (Ref 063)

Games & Puzzles Goody Bag (Ref 063)         [click for more information]
Get Going!

Get Going!         [click for more information]

Gold!         [click for more information]
Handy Bag

Handy Bag         [click for more information]
I Love London Goody Bag (ref 38)

I Love London Goody Bag (ref 38)         [click for more information]
Ice Breaker Goody Bag Ref 021

Ice Breaker Goody Bag Ref 021         [click for more information]
In Room Goody Bag! (Ref 074)

In Room Goody Bag! (Ref 074)         [click for more information]
It's Time to Party (ref 054)

It's Time to Party (ref 054)         [click for more information]
Just an Illusion

Just an Illusion         [click for more information]
Just Party!

Just Party!         [click for more information]
Ladies Luxury Pamper Bag

Ladies Luxury Pamper Bag         [click for more information]
Ladies Pamper Goody Bag Ref 008

Ladies Pamper Goody Bag Ref 008         [click for more information]
Ladies Thank You Goody Bag Ref 009

Ladies Thank You Goody Bag Ref 009         [click for more information]
London Fun Goody Bag

London Fun Goody Bag         [click for more information]
London Pride Bag

London Pride Bag         [click for more information]
Luxury Conference Goody Bag Ref 007

Luxury Conference Goody Bag Ref 007         [click for more information]
Men's Luxury Pamper Bag

Men's Luxury Pamper Bag         [click for more information]
Men's Pamper Goody Bag Ref 002

Men's Pamper Goody Bag Ref 002         [click for more information]
Mens Handy Goody Bag

Mens Handy Goody Bag         [click for more information]
Mindbender! (Ref 44)

Mindbender! (Ref 44)         [click for more information]
Mini Christmas Stocking

Mini Christmas Stocking         [click for more information]
Mini Cocktail Goody Bag

Mini Cocktail Goody Bag         [click for more information]
Mini Hangover Goody Bag

Mini Hangover Goody Bag         [click for more information]
Morning After a Big Night Before (Ref 068)

Morning After a Big Night Before (Ref 068)         [click for more information]
Moustache Goody Bag

Moustache Goody Bag         [click for more information]
Pamper Goody Bag for Men Ref 028

Pamper Goody Bag for Men Ref 028         [click for more information]
Pamper Me (Ref 055)

Pamper Me (Ref 055)         [click for more information]
Pamper/Relax Goody Bag

Pamper/Relax Goody Bag         [click for more information]
Party Hangover Goody Bag Ref 003

Party Hangover Goody Bag Ref 003         [click for more information]
Pow Wow!

Pow Wow!         [click for more information]
Power! (Ref 064)

Power! (Ref 064)         [click for more information]
Puzzled! (Ref 065)

Puzzled! (Ref 065)         [click for more information]
Quick Thinking (Ref 060)

Quick Thinking (Ref 060)         [click for more information]
Race Day Goody Bag (ref 077)

Race Day Goody Bag (ref 077)         [click for more information]
Recover & Refresh (ref 72)

Recover & Refresh (ref 72)         [click for more information]
Relax Pack

Relax Pack         [click for more information]
Reviver Ref 39

Reviver Ref 39         [click for more information]
Rule Britannia Goody Bag!

Rule Britannia Goody Bag!         [click for more information]
Smart Conference Goody Bag

Smart Conference Goody Bag         [click for more information]
Starlight Sensations

Starlight Sensations         [click for more information]
Sweet Bubbles

Sweet Bubbles         [click for more information]
Table & Gift Goody Bag

Table & Gift Goody Bag         [click for more information]
Take a Note (ref 45)

Take a Note (ref 45)         [click for more information]
Tea Break Set

Tea Break Set         [click for more information]
Thank You!

Thank You!         [click for more information]
Travel Well Goody Bag Ref 006

Travel Well Goody Bag Ref 006         [click for more information]
Welcome Pack! (Ref 073)

Welcome Pack! (Ref 073)         [click for more information]
Women's Pamper Goody Bag Ref 001

Women's Pamper Goody Bag Ref 001         [click for more information]
Xmas Goody Bag Ref 013

Xmas Goody Bag Ref 013         [click for more information]
Displaying 0 to 0 (of 81 products) Result Pages:  Show 12 per page 

Goodie Bags

A brilliant way of communicating your brand values, event theme or simply to say thanks to your staff, customers or potential customers, our bags create a memorable impact and leaving a lasting impression that can be invaluable.

If you’re attending an exhibition for example, instead of giving hefty brochures with business card stapled on and a loose leaf price list to your potential customers, why not put together a unique and quirky pack to hand out instead? We can include branded credit card sized memory sticks, and even pre-load them with your brochure – and much more user friendly way of distributing your company information, and one which event delegates are significantly more likely to take away with them too. You can also include handy or unusual gadgets, or even ‘exhibition survival packs’ containing breath freshening mints, refreshing wipes and more. Or we can pop in a branded pen dangling from a lanyard which becomes of great assistance to visitors at exhibitions, not having to scramble through pockets in search of the elusive writing implement! .

There are other times when goodie bags are a brilliant way of getting your company’s name across when you’re involved in an event in some way too. Perhaps your business is hosting a conference, and speakers are coming from far and wide, and you’re looking to leave those speakers with a lasting positive memory of your company, by way of thanking them for speaking, and of course, to encourage them to return to another event in the future and speak for you again. If they’ve come from a variety of destinations world-wide then your options are to provide both useful and commemorative items. Especially in 2012, when London and the UK becomes the focus of the rest of the world by hosting the Olympics, union jack themed gifts are readily available, and extremely popular with international guests. From iconic red telephone box gingerbread cookies to traditionally British foods and drinks, you can provide delightful items which they can enjoying consuming in the privacy of their hotel room, for a real taste of Britain. Ours are unique, because we take colours which you choose to suit your event, theme or budget, and add a printed personalised tag at a very low cost, leaving it hanging beautifully from the rope handles. We can even add colour matched ribbon, hand tied to the handles to create an even more dramatic and high impact finished product. But it’s not just about the exterior, our care and attention to details follows through to what’s contained on the inside too. From pampering gifts for women, to retro style sweeties and fun or funky gadgets that the guys will enjoy, we ensure that your selection of items, which can be put together just for you, there’s no requirement for you just to buy our pre-prepared off the shelf products, impress and entertain, delight and amuse the recipients, whoever they are. .

It’s all about the overall impact you get, and without spending extra budget, we top each one with a colourful sheet of crunched up tissue paper, so the recipients have to lift it off to see the goodies inside. We make receiving our products an experience rather than something to be shoved to one side and forgotten when they leave. Our goody bags are simply very well received, every time. .

There can be occasions when you want to send individual selections to people, perhaps to wish them luck, say thank you, or congratulate them. We’ve worked with companies who want to send occasional small batches out to individual recipients in their homes. This is a service we are delighted to offer, including the option of next working day delivery direct to recipients too. Some companies use this to congratulate individuals on job placements they have achieved, an ideal way for recruitment agencies to leave a fantastic impression in their client’s minds, and a way for them to get talked about in the client’s new office too. Others have employees who regularly take exams or attempt to gain qualifications, and use the opportunity to send them a good luck/relax goody bag. They say it’s the little things which make the big differences, and treating clients and employees in the caring and thoughtful way goes an extremely long way in ensuring your company name is spoken of very highly at all times. It’s the sort of publicity money can’t usually buy, but with a little thought and small spend on a few goodie bags, you can achieve it by the bucket load! .

Other companies like to make the most of the fact they are moving offices, perhaps to somewhere bigger or maybe just somewhere better! With our unique Create your own Goodie Bags range, companies can put together bespoke products simply and quickly whilst safe in the knowledge that they can stick to their budget and not go a penny over, however high or low that budget may be. It’s a great way of putting together a unique selection of items to place on employees’ new desk in their new location, as a little welcome pack. Maybe these bags could include handy items for their desks – whether that’s something as simple as a pen pot or as stylish as a crystal paperweight, something as cheap and cheerful as a micro office tool kit or as premium as usb gadgets to rival the latest technology – the choice is yours! .

At Cocoon Corporate our goodie bags are an integral part of our corporate gift offering, not an also-ran item – and it shows. So browse what you see available off the shelf above now, or simply drop us a line and ask us to come up with a unique proposal for you, taking account of all the specific parameters you need us to.

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