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Create a Goodie Bag for £8.99

Available to pre-order. Call (01604) 780101 or click on Enquire Now.

Create your own Goody Bags! It is easy, the cost of each goodie bag will be £8.99 ex VAT. There are 4 options below, all you have to do is choose items as described from the groups.

Option 1 - 1 item from Group B, and 2 items from Group D

Option 2 - 1 item from Group A, 2 items from Group B, 1 item from Group C and 1 item from Group D

Option 3 - 1 item from Group B, and 1 items from Group E

Option 4 - 2 items from Group A, 3 items from Group B, and 1 item from Group D

Group A

  • Edibles
    • Luxury Chunky Milk Chocolate Heart filled with praline, in gold foil
    • Cadbury Fudge bar
    • 6 x Haribo Maoam mini chews
    • Pack of Chewits
    • 6 x Mini Rolls of Love Hearts sweets
    • 6 x Apple Caramel Dippers
    • 5 x Mint Chip Choc Discs
    • Pack of Popping Candy (5g)
    • 3 x Mini packs of everyone’s favourite Haribos
    • 6 x Mini packs of Fruity Tooty Swizzles Fizzers
    • 2 x Candy Canes
    • 4 x Lollies
    • 2 x Sachets of Nescafe Coffee
    • Mini Caramel Shortbread Bar (26g) - can be personalised
    • Mini Fruity Flapjack (26g) - can be personalised
    • Mini Festive Flapjack (26g) - can be personalised
    • Mini Honeycomb Flapjack (26g) - can be personalised
    • Mini Lemon Shortbread Bar (26g) - can be personalised
    • 3 x Taylors Breakfast Tea Sachets
    • 2 x Taylors Raspberry & Vanilla Herbal Tea Sachets
    • 2 x Taylors Spiced Apple Herbal Tea Sachets - Created in partnership with Kew Gardens
  • Fun Stuff
    • Fortune Teller Fish
    • Pack of Playing Cards
    • Paper Lazer
    • Party Popper
    • Twin Pack of Rocket Balloons
    • Bottled Bubbles

Group B

  • Pamper
    • Mini Bubble Bath sachet
    • Aromatherapy Facial Mask
    • Flower Power Facial Mask - reusable
    • Ginseng & Macadamia Soap
    • Fruity Emery Boards
    • Daisy Heart Bath Confetti
    • Naughty but Nice Cake Design Lip Gloss
    • Heart Shaped Bath Bomb Bath Blaster
  • Food & Drink
    • A pack of Tic Tacs - in breath-freshening mint flavour!
    • Bag of Sweeties (Mint Humbugs, Chocolate Limes or Pear Drops, 10 per bag)
    • 150ml can Tonic Water
    • Pack of Nobby's Nuts
    • Pack of Orange Lucozade Energy Tablets
    • 250ml Can of Red Bull
    • Individually wrapped Chocolate Brownie (55g)
    • Individually wrapped Chocolate Chip Shortbread bar (65g)
    • Individually wrapped Flap Jack bar (50g)
    • Blueberry or Double Chocolate Muffin
    • 50g Box of mini Duc d'O chocolates
    • Bag of Chocolate Coins (48g)
  • Fun Stuff
    • Pack of Fruity Mini Wipes
    • Twin Pack of Think Gum
    • Flipsides - a fun & funky puzzle
    • Kubix - a stylish and highly addictive brain teaser
    • Pack of ‘The Grime Reaper’ Cucumber Wet Wipes

Group C

  • Pamper
    • Large Round Themed Bath Bomb (eg. Go to Bed Sleepyhead, Angel on my Shoulder, Chilly Willy)
    • Handmade Soap Bar
    • Life of Lime Shower Gel - a lime scented shower gel in a handy solid bar
    • Lily Pad Floating Bath Confetti
  • Food & Drink
    • Miniature Wine (18.7cl)
    • 500ml Bottle of Beer
    • Monster Energy Shot 60ml
    • Bag of 6 Chunky Foiled Belgian Chocolate Hearts from Gudrun
    • Iced Gingerbread Cookie
    • 42g Bag of Kettle Crisps
  • Fun Stuff
    • Opticapuzzle - a fab optical illusion puzzle that requires a very steady hand!
    • Panic Button
    • Tabletops - entertainment in a mini tin, with a variety of titles including Crazy Urban Myths, Ultimate Sports Trivia Quiz, Best Ever Dinner Party Ice Breakers and Brain-Boosting IQ Tests

Group D

  • Keepsakes
    • Grow Your Own Pocket Garden (varieties include Wild Strawberry, mini Sunflower, Chilli Peppers)
    • Hypnotic Liquid Timer
  • Pamper
    • Butter Me Baby Massage Bar
    • Puffy the Eyebag Slayer Eye Mask - reusable
    • 60ml Face & Body Cream with Shea Butter
    • 60ml Hand Cream with Shea Butter
    • Envelope of Bath Salts
    • Feeling Gorgeous soap bar
    • Scented Candle Tin
    • Relaxer 4 point Massager
  • Food & Drink
    • Box of Taylor’s of Harrogate English Breakfast Tea Bags
    • 20cl Bottle of Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir
    • 227g bag of Lazy Sunday or Rich Italian Ground Coffee from Taylor’s of Harrogate
    • 5cl Bailey’s Miniature
    • 5cl Jack Daniels Miniature
    • 5cl Bombay Sapphire Gin Miniature
    • 25cl Bottle of Red or White Wine (JP Chenet or similar)
    • Bag of 20 x 5g Milk Chocolate Red Foiled Hearts
    • 250g Box of Gudrun Cocoa Dusted Truffles
    • 150g Box of jelly Belly Beans
    • A delicious box of 6 luxurious truffles fresh from Belgium with varieties including Champagne, Praline and dark Ganache
  • Fun Stuff
    • Snog Me Senseless Mint Tin
    • Snog Me Senseless Breath Freshening Spray
    • Balloon Modelling Kit
    • Mini IQ Test
    • Pocket Puzzles Pack
    • Tabletop Origami Box
    • Micro Office Tool Kit

Group E

  • Keepsakes
    • Silver Lucky Star Pillow Pack
    • Soft cover Moleskine pocket sized ruled notebook
  • Pamper
    • Heart Motif Hot Water Bottle with Knitted Cover
    • Spanish Fig & Nutmeg Body Wash for Men
    • Spanish Fig & Nutmeg Shaving Gel for Men
    • Spanish Fig & Nutmeg Shaving Balm for Men
    • Spanish Fig & Nutmeg Bath Soak for Men
    • Iceberg Fluid for Men Eau de Toilette Miniature
    • Skinny Dip Body Wash for Women
    • Iceberg Fluid for Women Eau de Toilette Miniature
  • Drink
    • Personalised Label 75cl Bottle of Red or White Table Wine
    • 75cl Bottle of Branded Wine
  • Fun Stuff
    • Juggling Kit (contains 3 juggling balls)
    • Bendy Buzzle
    • IQ Brain Train Kit

Plus, all the gifts are presented nestling inside a glossy giftbag (wide range of colours to choose from), topped with a coloured tissue paper.

Gift Tags and messages with your company logo/to your theme or design can also be added to your goody bags from only 39p per tag - with no set up or design fees! Simply select Branded Gift Tags from the ‘Packaging & Gift Wrap’ section and add the relevant number of tags you require. We will contact you on receipt of your order for your design requirements and logo.

Minimum order of 24 Goody bags of any 1 type applies

Alternatively, if you would like your gifts wrapped or packaged to match a colour scheme/theme or if you would like to us to create something special for you, call us on (01604) 780101 or click on Enquire Now.

Available to pre-order. Call (01604) 780101 or click on Enquire Now.
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