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Memorable, Modern Corporate Presents for Clients & Employees
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Goodie Bags

What We Do...
We provide unique and original business gifts to suit a wide range of occasions.

Goody Bags: We provide business goody bags for conference delegates, for staff or clients at Christmas or when celebrating the end of a project, or to give away at corporate events. Our range includes cheap and cheerful and premium and luxury, and we usually tailor the contents to fit your brief and budget exactly. You can put together your own bespoke Goody Bags by using our ‘Create Your Own’ option, or just send us your brief to see what ideas we come up with uniquely created to be bespoke to you.

Business Hampers: We offer a wide range of hampers and boxes filled with a variety of edible, pampering or gadget-y treats for you to give to staff or clients, whether at Christmas or during the rest of the year. A highly tailored and unique way to cement business relationship and maintain staff morale, our business hampers and boxes have been a huge success with many of our clients, and repeat business is at an extremely high level. Year after year, our customers return for our stylish, fun and delicious business hampers, and year after year we create a bespoke selection of goodies to meet their requirements.

Corporate Gifts: Rather than offering a range of corporate presents which is the same as what you would find on many other websites, we very carefully select the best priced, most creative and unique corporate presents for you to choose from. Whether that’s branded candles or engraved silver items, cut crystal products or Belgian chocolates, our USP is the ability to combine a variety of unique items together in branded packaging to create a very high impact yet price conscious options for you.

Unlike other sites, we provide truly original business choices, with a very wide range of budgets catered to. From premium corporate hampers and baskets through to fun business goodie bags, all our options are put together to ensure that your clients and employees will really appreciate and enjoy them. So, why not drop the branded stress balls and "one size fits all" t-shirts and see what we have to offer - items which clients, staff and customers will like receiving, and remember. We can create solutions at extremely short notice, and will match what we present back to you to your preferred budget - all our options are extremely good value, and we won't make you buy in bulk to receive the best prices. We simply provide outstanding business presents launch packs that you can tailor to suit your budget and recipients.

From Concept to Delivery...
Whether you want packs to give to delegates or speakers at your annual conference; a small token of appreciation to add to the overall enjoyment of your event with one of our packs or something to create as a lasting and highly positive memory of your company, sales promotion or brand, we can help! Perhaps you have a very distinctive idea of exactly what you’re looking for, or would like some creative input from us - either way we are happy to be on hand to get the very best priced solutions for you - fast, and without any hassle. We can turn ideas into reality very quickly, and will always do our very best to meet even the tightest of deadlines! If you’re not sure, just ask - we’re on hand to give you the very best advice, choices and service.

Memorable, Modern Choices for Clients & Employees...
Don’t feel confined by the one size fits all approach you’re expecting to find - because we let you tailor the contents to suit your clients or employees, that doesn’t mean you have to buy the same choice for everyone! We can even create corporate hampers. Gifts which are bespoke to individuals! It's always a lovely surprise when a group of people receive presents, but once one is opened, the others know that theirs is likely to be the same. Maybe you’d like to make your staff gifts unique to each individual member of staff - whether that’s simply different wines and chocolates for different employees, or as individual as giving the geeks a box of cool and up to date gadgets, or pamper the stressed out with relaxing treats full of pampering goodies. Of course, if you already have your own branded materials or items, we’re more than happy to incorporate them into the selections for you.

Personalised Tags & Cards
There is nothing quite as good at creating an impact as associating your company name with an excellent corporate present! We can not only tailor the contents and source from thousands of individual products to get the right mix for you, but we can personalise them too. From printing onto the actual items through to supplying edible treats featuring branded labels, or featuring a bespoke printed tag, we have a wide range of extremely cost effective methods to brand your corporate presents. We can design and print tags and greetings cards with logos, messages and names - allowing you to decide if you’d like to make each individual hamper completely personal to each recipient - with the right name and appropriate message featuring on the tag and/or greetings card. We can print bespoke greetings cards which feature your company logo and message too, providing a unique service which again is not hindered by the expense of minimum runs or high creative costs. We very much view this as all part of the service, and our tags start from just 20p each including all creative and printing costs. Tags and cards are ideal for making sure your corporate Christmas hampers hit the right note between branded and personal, perfect for ensuring staff presents and recognition awards convey exactly the right message.

You can order online for off the shelf choices which is an ideal option is time is of the essence, or contact us for ideas and prices on bespoke business hampers.

Corporate Gifts
Staff Presents
Whether its once a year at Christmas or each month that a staff member hits a milestone year of service, giving your staff presents and rewards is a great way to ensure they feel valued and valuable, and of course, appreciated.

Whilst the job market in the UK may currently be more of a buyer’s than a seller’s dream, keeping your staff motivated and with an ingrained sense of loyalty is a key part to ensuring your company’s overall success. And it doesn’t have to break the bank. One of our customers rewards their staff twice a year for those who have reached 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 years service with them. Whilst initially they selected the choices for their employees, last year we created a bespoke interactive and unique website just for their staff, where each staff member could go online and redeem a unique code which equated to a specific number of points, and they chose their own items themselves. Some stocked up on booze and others treated themselves to stunning items for their homes, others chose jewellery, cufflinks, premium pen sets…the list goes on. What was certain in every instance was that the staff member felt an integral part of their own reward, and the feedback received was extremely positive.

Even if it’s just a few hampers to wish some key members good luck before a work related examination, we can produce packs, boxes or branded/personalised items to convey your best wishes and good luck message. So it doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to treat a select few of your staff. The other time of year companies often buy something for their staff is the company conference. Being able to treat staff even to a small hangover pack to help them get back on their feet the next day, or a selection of gadgets and gizmos to help their conference go more smoothly, or even just the old faithful branded notebook and pen – whatever you’d like to communicate to your staff, we are here to help you create the perfect staff rewards to convey your message with a wow factor and minimal spend.

From the innovative to the expected, as you can imagine our Christmas staff presents and hampers come into their own – we can tailor items to your specific budget if required, or price up any combination of items you are desperate to include. With a wide range of impressive packaging, and the option of including both personal tags and even Christmas cards you can add, you’ll be impressed with our service, range of choice and pricing. From niche food products like hand made Christmas cakes and cookies, to scented candles, luxury or price conscious pampering goodies for both men and women, through to well known brands your staff already know and love, our spectacular range is all perfect for your employees, and always go down a treat. Whatever your budget, and whether you’re just looking for a small token for a bit of fun, or something much more substantial to really express your heart felt thanks at a year well worked, you can get in touch to brief us on your requirements or buy off the shelf online today with ease – sorting out your staff gifts have never been simpler!

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